Piano wooden carvings

Production of a replica or restoration of a wooden piano carvings

In recent years, I have also worked extensively on the production of piano carvings that have been commissioned for special editions of Baroque, Rococo or Renaissance pianos. I will be happy to produce anything according to your requirements and designs.

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montáž trofeje


The name was derived from the Italian word rinascita, rebirth. It represented a period of reawakened interest in antiquity. In sculpture there was a return to ancient materials, the use of marble and bronze. Even wooden sculptures were created to imitate works in stone and metal.


the name was a derogatory term for a neo-antique style. It originated in Italy as a style of the Catholic Church. Nevertheless, it gradually became the ruling artistic movement and the last peak of carving even in Protestant Europe. .


was the refined, final phase of the Baroque... In figure carving, Baroque drama was replaced by playful ornamentation. In furniture art, the Rococo manifested itself in smaller proportions, delicate shapes and asymmetry.